The Adventure Continues

Pods of the Multiverse

Oct 19, 2022

The last year and a half has been an amazing set of adventures. We set out to learn how to podcast while we play D&D and we believe we did exactly that. That journey is far from over, but as our quality has improved, so have the demands of this podcast.

For this reason, and for another we'll get into in a moment, we have made a few decisions regarding the format for Pods of the Multiverse moving forward:

  • We are shutting down our Patreon page
  • We are going to incorporate all bonus audio content into our main feed over time
  • We are opening all channels on our Discord to become public
  • We are creating a tip jar on our website for donations
  • We will be producing content more in line with what one might see in TV medium; wherein we will product a full season, release episodes weekly, and then the main feed may be quiet for a few weeks or couple months until the next season begins.
  • We may begin incorporating smaller campaigns and one-shots between larger, full season runs.

There are a few reasons for the changes. We know that to keep our current quality at the same pace alongside our personal and professional lives is not sustainable. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our content and therefore have decided to move to a new production schedule.

We believe that with less demand on ourselves, the fun will continue, and those amazing moments where you can hear us laughing and just having a great time as friends and collaborators will continue.

We also feel that, while Patreon has been a great platform for us, it also has not fostered the type of community we're looking to create and doesn't fully align with how we envision monetizing our content at this point in our journey. We want a shared, safe place for fellow nerds to feel welcome and have fun. Gatekeeping our discord or content for money does not align with those values and instead we will keep a tip jar open on our website. This model is more representative of the openness we are looking to establish with ourselves and our audience and friends.

We are extremely proud to have wrapped up a fun and exciting fifth season, our first "return" season, and cannot wait for you to hear all of the antics our returning guildpact members are getting up to in season 6 which is currently in production on track to release early next year.

Thank you all.